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November 4, 2013


November 4, 2013


November 4, 2013


November 4, 2013

October 28, 2013

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The World’s Most Powerful Aide

May 9, 2009

afnycScare Force One caused the firing of the world’s most powerful aide.  This former White House staff member was able to scramble two F-16 jets and a jumbo jet to fly over America’s most populated city in a post 9/11 era without so much as a second thought from the Obama administration.   And he did it in between runs to the copier:

WASHINGTON, May 8 (Reuters) – A White House military aide who authorized an Air Force flyover of New York that caused panic among some people in the city resigned on Friday.

I guess it was getting crowded under the bus, so Obama has now moved on to throwing people under a jumbo jet.   Strangely enough no leadership positions were let go.   I guess when you actually find people who pay their taxes you hang on them. 

It’s my hope that one day buck will stop with Obama.  One day he will own up to the fact that the actions of the people he chooses to serve under him are a reflection of him and his leadership.  It’s a hope.  I also hope to someday be a jedi.