Another One Rides The Bus

Pretty clever using a 50K miles bus tour to decry Bush legacy which includes destroying the environment. Must be some reverse psycho babble thing that goes way over my head.  What’s next custom painted Bush Legacy fighter jets bombing Iran to protest the Iraq War?

Suppose Weird Al’s Another One Rides the Bus is their theme song?

There’s a suitcase poking me in the ribs
There’s an elbow in my ear
There’s a smelly old bum standing next to me
Hasn’t showered in a year
I think I’m missing a contact lens
I think my wallet’s gone
And I think this bus is stopping again
To let a couple more freaks get on look out


2 Responses to Another One Rides The Bus

  1. BGunzy says:

    It’s OK – they probably have a bio-diesel reactor in the back and stop at every McDonalds for fryer oil.

    Once Bush is out of office, the Republicans can buy this, scratch out “Bush”, and insert “Democrat Controlled Congress”. The same claims work with them as Bush.

    Although, an image of Nancy Pelosi on the side of the bus would probably scare a number of motorists off the road in fear.

  2. Damn skippy, Gunzy. There are some pretty nasty pictures of Pelosi out there when her Botox runs out… *shutter*

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