Mr. Obama Goes To Bagdad

We are witnessing the point of impact where hopeful talk collides with action and results.  Obama, who has always played down the his lack of experience, is basically now saying he is willing to change his stances, policies, and campaign promises after he stops talking about Iraq to get elected and actually has to actively deal with the situation.  You know…once he has some actual experience on the war:

Mr. Obama is heading to Iraq this month. He said he intended to collect new information from U.S. commanders on the ground and he would “refine” his policies accordingly. But does that include the 16-month timetable? Not specifically, he said, but it also could depend upon the number of troops needed to train Iraqi forces and fight terrorism.

Make no mistake however, this is not a flip flop.  You have to have defineable position first before you contradict it with a new one.


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