Rated E for Everyone!!!

Beer Pong…

Yes.. I said Beer Pong…

Let’s say you’re designing a video game for kids. You want it to be fun. You want it to be challenging. You want it to include… beer?

Yes, that’s right. A Las Vegas-based video game maker has created a new title for the Wii gaming system based on the popular bar and frat house basement game beer pong. Yes, a perfect game for the adult set but the Entertainment Software Rating Board for some reason saw fit to give it a rating stating it is a suitable game for kids as young as 13-years-old. This has the Connecticut attorney general questioning the rating board’s judgment and criteria.

Seriously? Let’s forget the fact that they rated a Beer Pong game an ‘E’ I don’t really care I guess. I’m more worried about the skills of our young kids.. What kind of world will our kids grow up in if they don’t know how to actually play Beer Pong? They will not be able to function when they go to collage.

I saw a virtual bean bag toss game at a bar the other day… Jebus… Somethings are just not supposed to be video games. Beer pong and beanbag toss is two of them.


3 Responses to Rated E for Everyone!!!

  1. It’s just beer…chill. I mean I could see your outrage if contained cigarettes, SUVs, Wal-Mart, or fast food. But ‘everyone’ likes beer.

  2. lookredboat says:

    student key this frog all this greed red go home

  3. canadadogugl says:

    cube stay frog glass deliver car deliver bag university ibm look sun

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