REPUBLICAN Senator From CONSERVATIVE State Charged With Hiding Gifts

Conservative Motherland, AK [CBB] – Lifelong CONSERVATIVE, REPUBLICAN senator from Alaska Ted Stevens [pictured] was charged with concealing more than $250,00 in gifts.  The REPUBLICAN senator, of course denied any wrong doing much like other REPUBLICAN politicians Larry Craig and Mark Foley who turned out to be guilty.   The GOP senator refused to speak with CBB reporters, but clearly the REPUBLICAN was dodging questions because the charges are true.

It is unknown at this time whether other CONSERVATIVE, REPUBLICANS were involved in the cover up regarding the gifts, but KKKarl Rove, Darth Cheney, Satan Hannity, and Drug-Rush Limbaugh have all been called in for questioning.   Of course, it goes without saying that Bush is involved somehow, but as of press time finding that connection has been elusive.  We can only assume proof of Bush’s link to the crimes of Stevens are buried with the Iraq WMDs along with the plans for 9/11.

Stevens, the man behind the bridge to nowhere, now a political career to nowhere.  And considering he’s from Alaska, that means nothing has changed.


4 Responses to REPUBLICAN Senator From CONSERVATIVE State Charged With Hiding Gifts

  1. EW says:

    what was Stevens party affiliation again?

  2. Daren Jaques says:

    Your forgot to mention Republy (AKA: Randy) Cunningham from California. He was a Republican too, I think.

  3. I think you could write for the Des Moines Redstar… I mean Register…

  4. Write for the Register? Heck I couldn’t even write a blog for their fluff sister site without getting kicked off, but maybe you’re right if I can keep writing posts like this one.

    Just for the record I really dislike Ted Stevens and it doesn’t bother me at all that he’s in trouble. Stupid, dumb taxpayer waste of money bridge.

    Alaska’s gov. would make a good VP candidate for McCain though.

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