The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Take A Recess

So by now you have all read about the Democrats leaving the Republicans in the dark while Congress recessed for five weeks.  Its’ this type of bullshit that makes me wonder how this nation will ever survive the current political climate.  Republicans are looking for an angle.  The Democrats don’t want to be on the record against something a vast majority of the nation favors.  This is how tough problems are solved? Taking your ball and going home?  Throwing a tantrum when you don’t get your way?  When I write a parody I am not trying to predict the future.

As blogger Homercles pointed out, there was meaningful legislation that wasn’t passed while playing politics about some God forsaken piece of barren fucking land that even polar bears want to stay away from:

Congressional leaders delayed action on more than $10 billion in disaster aid — including $182 million for the new federal courthouse — until after their August recess.

Sure there is money in the program until they get back, but why should it have to wait?   I know I’ve been cynical about political process for awhile now, but how about the this new do nothing congress actually get something fucking accomplished this term?  Rather than focus on what is troubling Americans, these brain trusts that were elected to help run this country took a vacation.  Remember how the Democrats were going to stop the war and all the other great plans they had?  Yeah, me neither.  Remember when being a conservative didn’t mean spend more money?  But don’t worry, they didn’t hurt their re-election chances.  So we’ve got that going for us; which is nice.



3 Responses to The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Take A Recess

  1. EW says:

    Jeremy, if you want a legislative body that acts swiftly and decisively, you should move to Canada or France or England. Rapid-responding democracy is literally un-American.

    Parliamentary democracies act considerably faster than our Congress. On the other hand, those nations have much more liberal governments. Our legislative process is designed to impede legislation, to give the upper hand to obstructionists. It makes our nation considerably more conservative. If the Congress could act quickly and decisively, American would probably be a welfare state on par with Europe.

  2. Doug says:

    So often, as it concerns the U.S. Congress, when given a choice between “doing something” and “doing nothing,” nine times out of ten I’ll chose the latter. The reason is that usually the “something” is a really bad idea.

    This time though, you’re right, I wish they could do the “something” the Repubs are demanding, but that isn’t happening.

    So, I finally get my wish of Congress doing nothing, and it’s at one of the few times I want them to do something. Just my luck.

  3. IrishWalsh says:

    Such language Jeremie…

    I’m a bad influence on you I can see. My career of slugging it out in professional kitchens has left me with the vocabulary of a drunken half sailor, half trucker, man-beast.

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