Lowered Expectations

So John Edwards had an affair.  Didn’t see that one coming.  Clearly the most shocking information to come out of this whole situation is that the National Enquirer was right.  Makes you wonder how many more news stories they have gotten right over the years?  Maybe Elvis is still alive.

And more amazing than the Enquirer being right, is the amount of people defending Edwards:

Edwards supporter Susan McIntyre of Des Moines said her feelings about Edwards have not changed despite his admission.

“I feel sad for his family, I feel personally sorry for him, but I don’t blame him,” said McIntyre. “He’s a very powerful, articulate, handsome guy, and I don’t feel surprised that he had an affair.”

Saddled with power, wealth and silky smooth hair it was obviously only a matter of time before the slut vultures descended on him.  Also sounds like Mrs. McIntyre just gave her husband a free pass to bang his secretary.

Then to top it I was listening to the Fox News Report with Sheppard Smith and some analyst was lamenting that maybe we hold our heroes to some great unachievable moral standard.  Is this where we have come as a country?  Remaining faithful to your spouse is simply too much to ask. The politician isn’t mightier than the whore.

And I almost was buying Edward’s greasy excuse/public apology until he bought McCain into the discussion. ‘Hey I banged a staffer, but you know who else cheated on his wife?”


One Response to Lowered Expectations

  1. Holy crap, this whole thing is totally awesome! He apologized and stuff but have you been reading how half the stuff he said is STILL lies.

    We didn’t start the affair until after she was hired. LIES!!

    That hotel meeting was a spur of the moment thing. DAMN LIES!!!

    I am being 99% truthful. STATISTICS!!!

    Whatever “gains” he made by apologizing. (And trust me, there was very little gain) he is going to lose all that when he has to re-apologize for giving a false apology.

    Seriously, it’s almost like it’s a bad made for TV movie… and I love it!!!

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