Dorf 1, Deer 0

So, I went up to our main office in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday. It was a long day. Left around 6AM, arrived a little after 9. Was there until about 7PM and then headed back. It’s a pretty easy drive actually. It’s 4 lane the entire way back. Well I was cruising right along on Highway 20 just outside of Independence and all of a sudden *SMASH* I crushed a deer and I was going about 65 MPH at the time.

Now, my trip was short notice so I didn’t have time to get a rental car so I took my Explorer up. Well, as you can see from the picture below, I nailed that bastard pretty good on the passenger side corner of the vehicle. For going as fast as I was, I am pleasantly surprised at the lack of damage caused. She may not get good gas mileage, but that Explorer can take a beating and come out OK.

If you look closely you can see some deer flesh. Mmmmmm, deer flesh.


One Response to Dorf 1, Deer 0

  1. BGunzy says:

    Good job in helping reduce our deer population! You just need to hit, say, 20,000 more to really make a dent (no pun intended…well maybe).

    Get R Done, Dorf!

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