Douche, it’s spelled P-A-X-T-O-N

I still can’t believe this is a real story, but yeah, it is…

You’ve probably already seen it linked from Drudge or just from the Des Moines Register, but check it out! Iowa Central president receives $400K for resignation.

It’s the details, man. I can’t believe the details!

The special meeting was called after The Des Moines Register published a July 4 photograph of Paxton aboard a boat with a group of young people, holding the spigot of a small beer keg suspended over a young woman’s open mouth.

A picture got out, so when they asked him about it, of course he fessed up, right? Wrong!!!

When questioned by the Register, Paxton initially denied knowing anything about the photo or any recent boat outings with young people. After being told that Crimmins had already informed the Register that he had seen the photo and the two men had discussed it, Paxton acknowledged the photo’s authenticity. He said he had done nothing illegal or improper.

Can you imagine when they said there was a picture… “Ohhhhhhh, THAT recent boat outing!” What a tool.

It seems to get better.

Paxton, 52, has said all of the people who were drinking in the boat when the photograph was taken were of legal age. He said the beer keg was broken and wasn’t dispensing beer into the young woman’s mouth. He said his 19-year-old son, who was arrested for second-offense drunken driving early the next morning, was in the boat but was not drinking.

Who cares I guess… the dude is getting $400,000 for being a douche. Awesome.


5 Responses to Douche, it’s spelled P-A-X-T-O-N

  1. Despite all the evidence, dude might be telling the truth. I mean, seriously just because there is a picture showing people drinking and then his son gets arrested for drinking the next morning? Coincidence. The mini keg was broken and it looks like the other bottle in the picture has water in it. This seems like a witch hunt to me.

  2. You’re a ‘Glass Half Full’ type of guy, ain’t ya?

  3. Ted Green says:

    Bob Paxton is one hell of a man. He has giving opportunities to many people.Once again people making a big deal of nothing. Ask your self do you feel good ruining someone’s life.

  4. Riiiight Ted, Dorf is waaaaay off base here with this post.

  5. Since he got $400,000 I doubt his life is ruined.. Regardless, the dumbass brought it on himself.

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