Once You Go Sulu….

Mr. Sulu has been beamed off the market.

George Takei has gone where no famous man (but two plenty famous women) has gone before, tying the knot with his partner of 21 years, Brad Altman, Sunday night in Los Angeles in front of 200 of their closest pals, including fellow Trekkers Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols.

Super cool. Guess what? Two dudes just got married and it did not, nor will it ever, have a negative effect on my marriage.

Even Obama believes marriage is between one dude and one chick, but if you look at the two parties, there is no doubt the Dems, I feel, are on the right side of this issue. (Don’t worry, they are still wrong on 99% of the other issues..) I don’t look at it from a liberal point of view, though. If two peeps want to get married who is the government to tell them they can or can’t. (Other then saying what the legal age is obviously.)

I don’t get the religious argument either. Churches can marry who they want. The government can’t come in and force a church to marry two people that they don’t want to.

A dude and a chick can get meet in Vegas, get drunk, get married and somehow that’s not a problem, but two chicks or two dudes who have been together for 20 years and want to get married.. That’s a problem? It does not compute.

If you really want to shore up marriage, I have the perfect solution. Outlaw divorce!

Congratulations Mr. Sulu! Live long and prosper!


3 Responses to Once You Go Sulu….

  1. Doug says:

    At least Sulu has a legal Klingon spotter now. I hear from a reliable source that the “tribble” episode was responsible for turning Takei off vaginas forever.

    Hey, almost everybody in that picture is doing the “live long and prosper” sign, but Chekov seems to be doing the universal gesture for “whackin’ off”… what a nutty Russky.

    If anybody cares, here are the wedding vows:


  2. Rick says:

    If you allow gay marriage then the next thing they will make legal is polygamy. I disagree with this. I think they should be made legal at the same time.

  3. It’s hard enough trying to date two chicks at once, I can’t imagine trying to marry two. 🙂

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