Isn’t Comedy Supposed To Be…You Know…Funny?

So a pregnant girl walks into an abortion clinic…stop me if you heard this one before:

Never in history has a woman been under more pressure to keep an unwanted pregnancy than Bristol Palin. She is the teenage daughter of Alaska Governor & Vice-Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin – a conservative, Creationist Christian power-vampire and pro-life huckster who has put Bristol and her un-welcomed fetus at the center of a politico-religious crusade to stop her exercising her constitutional right to terminate the pregnancy.

These are not empty words. I, Doug Stanhope, am offering you, Bristol Palin, the sum of 25,000 dollars so that you can abort your child and move out of that draconian home. I have also set up a PayPal link so that others around the world can help increase this amount to ease the burden of starting out on your own at such an early age.

Rather than mix words, let me just say Doug Stanhope is proof in some cases abortion should be legal. ¬†Unfortunately for the rest of us, he was born in 1967 and his mother didn’t have that option.


3 Responses to Isn’t Comedy Supposed To Be…You Know…Funny?

  1. irishwalsh says:

    Would that be considered the same as putting out a hit contract on that baby? Oh wait, it’s different because it hasn’t passed the labia yet.

  2. Doug says:

    Any chance we the douche who hacked Sarah Palin’s email can hack into Bristol Palin’s email, then send Stanhope an email accepting his offer, then use the $50,000 to abort Stanhope?

  3. Nicky Cheese says:

    While Stanhope certainly doesn’t have much taste (explicit in this instance), as a self-described libertarian, his other comedy is quite good.

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