Obama Rolls Out ‘Faith Merchandise’

I picked up a fish for my bumper.


7 Responses to Redundant

  1. Doug says:

    Those will look good on the bumper next to my “I was aborted and I can’t vote! — Obama ’08” sticker.

  2. I also picked up a “In Case of Democratic Presidential Victory this car will be unmmanned as I won’t be able to afford the taxes to drive it.” Kind of long, but it’s my bumper…my rage.

  3. John says:

    Yes, Jeremie.
    The taxes? What about the gas prices?
    When we had a democratic president gas was 1.60 a gallon, now it is 4.00, I know it is common place for Republicans to point their fingers at everyone else but sooner or later you have to point the finger right back at yourself and try to find a way to deal with this

    My bumper sticker says “Obama 08”

  4. BGunzy says:

    So John, what was the gas price when Reagan or Bush 41 was in office? Probably lower than Clinton’s term.

    Your logic is lacking, able only to pursuade the weak minded.

    My bumper still says “Huckabee ’08”.

  5. Point fingers? Damn, John where have you been. Everything that has gone wrong in the last 7 years is Bush’s fault. We could play the 7 degrees of Bush’s Fault if you want with just Democrat leader quotes.

    I make a simple (very simple), feeble minded joke and John takes it deep. Way too deep.

  6. John, most of the 9/11 preperation and training took place during the Clinton years. So I guess he gets credit for that too.

    Seriously, chillax dude.

    p.s. The only bumpersticker worth having on your car is “My kid can beat up your honor student.”

  7. Trevor says:

    The BEST bumper sticker I’ve seen recently said, “If God Wanted Us to Vote, He’d Give Us Candidates”.

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