Where Were You When?

There are events in your lifetime that leave such an impression that you even remember the exact moment and activity you were engaged in when you heard the news.  The moon landing.  PeeWee Herman getting busted.  The OJ slow speed car chase.  And now the ’08 democratically controlled congress actually passing meaningful legislation.  I am talking real concrete, non-resolution stuff here.  I think I was watching football.  No wait I think I was playing a video game with my son.  No, hold on, I think I was watching WKRP in Cincinnati reruns.  Crap, a fleeting, monumental occasion and I can’t even remember what I was doing.  In my defence, I think the phone cops were after Johnny Fever.


2 Responses to Where Were You When?

  1. It’s like Pelosi wanted it to fail.. her speech before the vote was pretty partisan and it is said it pissed off a lot of Republicans. She either wanted it to go down in flames, or she is just a bad leader..

  2. Both.

    That will teach me for assuming they could pass legislation on a deal they tentatively had. Never write a post unless the ink is dry in Washington.

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