Steven Spielburg And George Lucas Should Be Registered Sex Offenders

I had the feelings suppressed, for months it ate away at me. Instead of talking about it… instead of working through my feelings, I instead buried it down deep inside of me, hoping to never think of it again.

Then the season premier of South Park came along, and with it all those feelings came flowing back.

A friend of mine was raped, and I did nothing about it. I kept quiet.. but no longer.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg raped Indiana Jones this summer. I knew it at the time but chose to bury those feelings. However Matt Stone and Trey Parker made me remember with the season premier of South Park on Wednesday.

Wednesday night’s South Park outing pushed the envelope and then did all kinds of god-awful things to it, with a recurring joke in which uberproducers George Lucas and Steven Spielberg repeatedly – and in the style of some classic film scenes, a la The Accused and Deliverance – sexually assaulted an unwitting Indiana Jones.

Haha, holy shit was that one of the funniest episodes I have ever seen. Not only was it kick ass funny, it was 100% true. Aliens? Seriously? Indy hides in a refrigerator at ground zero of a nuclear bomb test, and the refrigerator is thrown like miles through the air and lands and he comes out unharmed? Seriously? At the time I just let is all slide. It was a new Indy movie, it was all I could think about… but no longer….

You #$%^& raped him George and Steven!!! I won’t stand for it anymore!! Actually, throw Harrison Ford in there too for agreeing to that god awful script.

What’s also great is Comedy Central is owned by Viacom who also own Paramount Studios. Paramount owns Indiana Jones. They were unaware South Park was going to unload on them.. Muhahaha. Suck it Paramount.

Long live South Park, and long live Indina Jones 1-3. I will never own or again watch the 4th. It’s too painful….


9 Responses to Steven Spielburg And George Lucas Should Be Registered Sex Offenders

  1. Doug says:

    Finally a good use for that whip!

  2. It started with the atomic bomb, then they moved to monkeys and a chase through a jungle and it ended with aliens (or interdimensional beings). Bad, bad, bad. Although, it’s still not as bad as Temple of Doom. God I hated that one. Short Round and Willie killed that movie. Goonies should not be mixed with Indiana Jones.

  3. You thought Temple of Doom was worse then this last one? Doom is my least favorite of the three Indy movies, but worse then that craptastic 4th? I don’t know, man.

    At least Doom had some awesome heart ripping-out action. 🙂 Willie did annoy the hell out of me, that is a fact.

  4. I stand firm by my assessment of Doom. Horrible piece of film. Lucas and Spielberg even admitted Indy 3 was supposed to help erase the memories of Doom.

  5. Sonda says:

    Our son has the Lego Indiana Jones Wii game and the lego “Willie” character screams. You even have to make her scream to solve some of the puzzles. It’s awwwwwsome!

  6. Haha, I love the Lego games. Lego Star Wars rules. Played the demo of Indiana Jones.. I need to play that bad boy.

  7. Jeremie says:

    I would even say that Lego Indy might be better than Lego Star Wars. I just unlocked Han Solo. Pretty rad running around in the Indiana Jones world with a Star Wars character.

  8. Sonda says:

    Isn’t it funny that you can almost forget that Indiana Jones and Han Solo are played by the same actor.

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