You Got A Girlfriend in Des Moines? Hey GOP, Me Love You Long Time

I am so sick and tired of how society holds politicans to an unrealistic standard.  Be good stewards with our taxes.  Keep your promises.  Don’t break the law.  Keep your dick out of prostitues.  Seriously, when did running for office mean becoming a saint?  How can a man be expected to live his life without solitcting a prostitute once or twice? 

Records reveal senator solicited prostitute
“It’s probably going to destroy me,” he (Sen. James Seymour, a Republican from Woodbine) said. “I think that we’re held to a higher standard. I think people expect their politicians to behave themselves, and in this case, I didn’t.

Probably going to destroy him?  Not hardly.  He got a free pass the first time he was elected because no one caught they story.  Then for re-election this year he is running unopposed, so unless Mickey Mouse knocks him off with a write in vote this dirt bag will serve twelve years in office leaching off the taxpayers.   Not my idea of what destruction to his way of life should resemble.  Iowans deserve better and the Iowa GOP should be expected to let the public know this information.  Their failure to do so will be partly represented in the fact that they will get their collective asses kicked in November.


6 Responses to You Got A Girlfriend in Des Moines? Hey GOP, Me Love You Long Time

  1. Doug says:

    Dude should have hung out with admitted terrorists instead — maybe he’d have gotten a pass.

  2. My problem with Obama and Ayers is that the story keeps changing. First they were distant neighbors. Then they served on the same board. Then Obama wrote a burb on Ayer’s book. Then…

    The point is you don’t forget all these things. What else is Obama hiding. Wait…I probably don’t want to know. I went for mildly liking this guy, to thinking he is crooked.

  3. Daren Jaques says:

    Dirtbag? I worked with Jim Seymour, and I assure you that he was perhaps the most ethical and trustworthy politician the Rs had at the time. I don’t think any of us would want to be judged publically for our most obvious moral failings… and I’m pretty sure that means you too. Do you disagree?

  4. It isn’t so much of judging, which is what I do on this blog daily, it’s that we (his district) didn’t know about it and it couldn’t be factored into their decisions. I have moral failings, but I am not running for office and trying to keep them hide in a closet. That this guy broke the law should be known. It should be part of the voting equation…right or wrong.

  5. Daren Jaques says:

    I think we can agree that the public definitely deserves to know that their representative committed this crime, and that if the majority feel that makes him unfit to serve, well then that’s democracy. As you know, I don’t really think prostitution should even be illegal, so it wouldn’t factor into my decision on whether he is fit to lead. I also can tell you that Jim Seymour was not a sanctimonious person, (like many Rs).

  6. Agreed and I will also concede the use of ‘dirtbag’ was bit strong. However the fact remains Seymour will have served two terms without the public being able to have a real say in how they feel about his actions (first time they didn’t know and now he is running unopposed). That’s my real problem with this story.

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