Whew, Now That The DSM Register Has Fully Vetted The GOP VP Candidate Maybe They Can Get Around To Vetting The DNC Presidential Candidate

Pursue probes: Did Palin abuse power?

So it would seem fitting that if the vice-presidential nominee took her daughter on a getaway to New York, Palin would pay for it herself. After all, she’s a self-proclaimed reformer who advocates small government and low taxes.

But when Palin went to New York for a five-hour conference, she took her daughter Bristol along for free. The two stayed five days and four nights in the $707.29-per-night Essex House hotel, overlooking Central Park. The state of Alaska picked up the tab.

And as proof the Register is good at writing satire, there is this punchline:

Imagine if Gov. Chet Culver – or Sens. Barack Obama or John McCain – used their positions as public servants to get the taxpayers to pick up the cost of airfare and accommodations for their families on business trips. The public would demand explanations and an official investigation.

Maybe the public would demand an inquiry into Obama, but the press sure as hell wouldn’t.  There is still no traction in the mainstream press on the fraudulent credit card donations to Obama that aren’t being verified by his campaign, so color me a tad skeptical that the Register would hold Obama to the same scrutiny as Palin.


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