Even as I stood in line to vote yesterday I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to cast my ballot.  I desperately wanted to cast my vote for Barack Obama.  What he could potentially mean for race relations in this country I don’t think can be underestimated.  John McCain was the second to last republican candidate I wanted as a Presidential choice behind Huckabee, so I wasn’t exactly gelled about filling in the bubble next to his name.  Ultimately my choice came down this:  Obama is too liberal, too inexperienced and the prospect of the country being controlled by Pelosi, Reid and Obama kept me from voting for Bob Barr.   

Of all the things I fear now that we have wingnuts like Reid and Pelosi driving the short bus of liberal crazies through the streets of D.C., is that I honestly feel that mainstream press has failed.  Never in the history of the freedom of the press has a Presidential candidate received so little push back on his nonexistent agenda.  Never as a Presidential candidate remained completely removed from the vetting process as Obama.  The only thing this country has today is hope, because over the last two years no one in the press thought to take Obama to task on any of his associations or positions.  The press owes America an apology.  I am sure Obama will turn out to be a great president (at least my love of this country hopes he will) but the bottom line is this: I don’t know anymore about Obama now than I did two years ago.  I do, however, know a lot of manufactured dirt on Sarah Palin.  

To top it off, the press ultimately suppresses the vote.  The constant polling will deter a person from voting because the polls show their candidate is 14-17 points down. When I was waiting in line, I kept thinking ‘what’s the use, McCain is so far behind he can’t win anyway no matter how I vote.’  The real reason I stayed in line was to cast my vote for Jerry Behn, my local state senator.  If Jerry wasn’t on the ballot I am pretty sure I would have left.  I hope I wouldn’t have, but constant polling told me the wait was an exercise in futility.


4 Responses to Hope

  1. Rick says:

    It was difficult to tell how middle America was going to vote. Personally, I was shocked
    that the Mid-West went Obama. Indy?Iowa?even Illinois.

    Obama seems to have won by focusing on Urban turnout,which makes sense. Not one blue state was converted by Maverick.

  2. BumperCrop says:

    Worse than not vetting a candidate is knowing how bad a candidate is but not reporting it. Yesterday Fox News reporters revealed that they knew the depths of Palin’s ignorance and self absorbtion but did not report it at the time.

  3. samuel says:

    if you go to youtube and search for “fox news: palin didn’t know africa was a continent” you will find a clip that exposes the dark underbelly of what went on the past few months after the palin selection.
    what really bugs me though is the revelation that she had campaign staff using personal credit cards to purchase crap for her family at high end dept stores across the country, only to then expense it back to the RNC.
    $40,000 for cloths for todd palin? WTF?

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