I Blame Obama

Hypothetically speaking anyone want to lay odds on the half-life of the whole ‘blame Bush’ mentality? I say you will still be hearing Democrats whine about Bush being the cause of everything that is wrong in the world even in 2012:

U.S. Stocks Tumble in Market’s Worst Two-Day Slump Since 1987
By Lynn Thomasson

Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) — U.S. stocks slid, sending the market to its biggest two-day slump since 1987, after jobless claims jumped and the shrinking economy crushed earnings at companies from Blackstone Group Inc. to News Corp.

By the way, this has nothing to do with America electing a pro-socialism President.  Word on Wall Street is that consumer confidence is down now that Sarah Palin is no longer buying clothes on the McCain campaign’s dime.


4 Responses to I Blame Obama

  1. DumbAss Tanker says:

    Well, blaming previous administrations doesn’t work all that well or they’d all have been doing it for the past 20 years, so we can empirically say that dog probably won’t hunt, after the proverbial first hundred days at least (and really, nobody wants to hear it then either, it’s just too passive an approach).

    The press will still be dying to throw themselves on any grenade to protect the Obamessiah, for quite awhile at least. Pelosi and/or Reid would have to play the scapegoat then, which should be pretty amusing.

    The clothing fiasco (or trumped-up BS depending on your point of view) was of course the campaign’s stupid idea, not Palin’s, but really she was the only reason McCain did as well as he did. Without her, there was really damned little reason for anyone but a few fiscal conservatives to vote for him. Neither social conservatives nor gun-loving libertarian conservatives really had a reason to leave the house for him. Some conservatives here and there would of course just vote against Obama to McCain’s benefit (or like as not go third party), but head-to-head with Obama, why vote for a sometime Democrat when you could have the real thing?

  2. BumperCrop says:

    As recently as this fall Repubs were blaming their economic mess on a 1970s law (the Community Re-investment Act), so the precedent is surely well established.

    And really, it DOES take a long time to repair an economy and rebuild an international reputation.

  3. How long will it take for me to give a f*** what countries like France and Germany think of us?

  4. DumbAss Tanker says:

    And just how much traction did that CRA talk get in the press or with the public at large, BumperCrop?

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