Wii Rule, You Drool!

So about a week and a half ago I won a Wii at work! Totally sweet. I’m a XBox 360 guy myself, but somehow playing Gears of War 2 with my 5 year old daughter just doesn’t seem very responsible. Though she DID walk in on my playing it the other day when I sniped a head off a bad guy and blood when flying. She thought that was pretty neat actually. To be honest, it was a tough shot, so yeah, it was pretty neat.

So I grew up with video games, from an Atari 2600 to a NES, to a Sega Genesis, to a N64, to the original Xbox to my Xbox 360 and now.. my Wii. My wife however, is NOT a gamer at all. She thinks they are a waste of time, while I think that I now have the hand-eye coordination to fend off an alien invasion. Single handed if necessary.

In my younger days I slacked off big time playing too many video games when I should have been studying in school. I am not worried about the kid making that mistake because I’m going to be strict when it comes to time spent gaming.

It’s kinda funny. I’m an IT guy (geek rather) and because of it, I’m probably going to be more strict when it comes to stuff like video games, cell phones, and the Internet because I know how much of time wasters they can be. Poor Dorf kids.

Anyway, I’m trying to find the right amount of time to let the kid play Wii. Any suggestions from the folks who have more experience with it then I do?


3 Responses to Wii Rule, You Drool!

  1. We don’t really have a rule, but I do limit my son’s time on the computer/Wii/Xbox360. However Ian craves being outdoors, so it has never been a really big problem. And right now he is addicted to LEGOs.

    Must purchase Wii games:

    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Best Wii game. Period.
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Lego Indy
    Mario Kart
    Okami (if you haven’t played it before)
    RE4 (if you haven’t played it before)

    Must own Virtual Console games:

    Super Mario Bros.
    Tecmo Bowl
    Punch Out
    Zelda: Link to the Past
    Mega Man

    Must own WiiWare games:

    Lost Winds
    World of Goo
    Mega Man 9

  2. Rick says:

    If you don’t want your daughter to become a video game zombie, you might look for games you can play together as a family or with friends. Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii are two good examples. It seems a lot different if a child is staring at the screen alone than if they are having fun with their friends and family. My step son sometimes plays Wii alone but usually we play together. Mario Kart Wii, Big Brain Academy and Super Smash Bros Melee are some of our favorites.

  3. IrishWalsh says:

    I’m in the same boat. My wife thinks any type of video game is just wasted time. I’d rather engage my mind with something like a strategy game, which computers seem to be better for, but the Wii has sucked many hours of my life away. I’m super happy with it. Now, that said I have a Xbox 360 on my Christmas list. There are just to many games I want that the Wii can’t handle. Like the new Call of Duty, Gears of War, Oblivion, etc.

    I’d agree with Jordan on most of those recommendations. Super Mario Galaxy is simply the most beautiful and entertaining game I have ever played. It’s challenging mentally, and varied so you don’t get bored with it. You will walk away from that game rubbing your eyes after an hour of play because it twists reality and gravity every which way.

    Congrats on your major award.

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